The second wave of the novel COVID-19 in Zimbabwe forced the government to suspend all sporting activities. Sending the host of the Central and Southern Africa hockey qualifiers into a second lockdown.

Local organizing committee of the qualifiers led by Mary Houghton had to requested for a postponement of the tournament.

Also read Hockey Association of Zimbabwe request for a postponement of the Central South Africa tournament

After consultation with Hockey Association of Zimbabwe, Africa Hockey have announced the new dates of African Cup of Nations qualifier tournament. Speaking to Sports Rifle 724 soon after the announcement Sarah Bennett welcomed the development.

“Our players, technical team and management health and safety comes first. The new development gives us more time to apply to SRC and Minister of sport seeking for greenlight to resume training.”- Sarah Bennett

Mary Houghton who is the head of the local organizing committee believes that the postponement will also buy them more time to drum up support and seek sponsorship.

“It is difficult to drum up support and seek sponsorship when our national teams are not even allowed to train for the said tournament. A number of our potential sponsors are scratching their heads looking at an uncertain horizon. Hopefully the postponement will buy us more time to get corporate on board.”- Mary Houghton

The Central South Africa qualifier Africa Hockey Championship will now happen from the 1st to the 9th of May 2021.


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