Former head in charge of handball for National Association of Secondary School Head Dr. Beauty Mtsambiwa was on Friday elected as the new President of Zimbabwe Handball Federation becoming the first female President of ZHF.

Eight members contested for various posts which included the presidency, the vice presidency, and committee members. Incumbent President Stewart Sanhewe failed to retain his post losing the election to Mtsambiwa who garnered seven out of ten votes.

Three votes were not enough to see Alfose Mhondiwa retaining his post as Reginald Tsimba managed seven votes. Mhondiwa also contested for the Committee Member candidate and failed to get a vote in the 1st Committee Member post which was won by Petros Nyathi.

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Clemence Tauro will also join the executive committee as the Second Committee Member.

Dr. Beauty Mtsambiwa is the school Head of Girls High School and is a holder of a course in International Sports Management.


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