Zimbabwe women’s football chairperson Barbara Chikosi has once again scored an own goal after her board banned Dumisani Sithole from attending any future ZWSL meetings.

According to a letter written on the 22nd of April 2021 Chikosi’s board informed Sithole that his unruly behavior during the ZWSL meeting on the 17th of April attributed to his ban.

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The letter further states that during the ZWSL Mr.Sithole was recording the proceedings without authorization from the board. You also attempted to claim authority and control over the Councillors and Board Members and this behavior brought despondency to all the other clubs they continued.

Chikosi’s lead board is also claiming that Sithole sends them threatening messages. You send our Chairperson messages indicating that you had intentions of exposing us for alleged corruption they wrote. In light of this, we have since reached an agreement to hereby ban you from attending any future ZWSL meetings.

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What has left members of the ZWSL committee shocked is that Sithole was banned without a hearing. But the question that remains unanswered is that did Sithole threaten the ZWSL board members?


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