Council of Southern African Football Association last week justified the introduction of participation fee for its competition.

This comes after some member associations demanded justification on the introduction of participation fees. In response to the member association, COSAFA highlighted that the participation fee was required for competitions that are not covered by the Confederation of African Football developmental funds.

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A participation fee of USD 20 000 will be required for member associations to compete in the 2021 Cosafa Cup. A fee of USD 10 000 will be levied for the inaugural Women’s Champions League and Futsal competitions.

“The participation fees will be used to fund the organizing and delivery of the Cosafa Cup and Futsal tournaments, which are not covered by development funds from the CAF. The Women’s Champions League is partly covered by development funds, but not enough to stage the event without additional financial support,” reads the statement from COSAFA.

.Cosafa, however, says should it manage to find sponsors for the three competitions, the money will be refunded to member associations.

“In these challenging economic times brought about by Covid-19, we have not managed to secure a sponsor for these three competitions yet. Should a sponsor be signed and the revenue sufficient to cover the costs of the events, the participation fees will not be levied, or if already paid, will be refunded.

“Cosafa did apply for Covid-19 relief funding last year, but as we are a zone within CAF and are not direct members of Fifa, our application was not successful.”


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