With the Sports And Recreation Commission ordering the self imposed Zimbabwe Chess Federation interim board to follow their constitution and hold election as according to their constitution. The term the late Charles Kuwaza led board ended in December 2017 and since then the Zimbabwe Chess Federation interim committee has been playing dirty tactics and delaying elections.

Three candidate will be vying for the top post to become the president of the once DOPE Zimbabwe Chess Federation and amongst the three candidate is one called Bridget Merlin Pumuyo. Ranked on position 18 in the current FIDE Zimbabwe women ranking Bridget started playing chess for the Zimbabwe national team at the age of 11 and has close to 20 years of playing professional chess.

She is the founding president of Zimbabwe Ladies Chess Association whose main aim was to represent ladies impediment in the game of chess. An association that played a bigger part in the empowering women chess to be able to feature in national and international chess competition.

Pumuyo has also coached the sport of chess at a number of schools in Harare,Mashonaland West and Mashonaland Central, this did not just stop at coaching but also advocating for Robin Round games to be open for all schools back then the sport of chess was only meant for white and the group A schools only.

One of the biggest roles that Bridget played in Zimbabwe Chess over the years was to push for the formation of provincial chess association,something that the then current ZCF had failed to do for 3 decades. Apart from been a chess player and lover Pumuyo is the festival manager of the Women And Sports Development Trust a trust which encompasses close to 22 sports associations.

But what exactly is Bridget Pumuyo going to bring to the table for the Zimbabwean Chess Community, one of her major promises is to bring sponsors and corporate support to the game of chess. Another major issue that I will deal with once I get into power is national team selection criteria, we have to find the right criteria to use when selecting national chess team players.

Come the 13th of July fully paid up affiliate members of the Zimbabwe Chess Federation will have a chance to chose whom they want as the president of the Zimbabwe Chess Federation for the year 2019 to 2024. The battle for the top post will be between Bridget Pumuyo, Collen Tongoona and Madamombe.


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