Four African have been selected by football’s world governing body FIFA for the inaugural FIFA Diploma in Club Management.

According to FIFA, “The FIFA DIPLOMA in Club Management aims to provide club executives from all around the world with the latest practical know-how and insight from the industry, covering key areas in the successful management of football clubs.”

It noted: Bringing together a variety of globally influential voices to analyze and share best practices, this unique and exclusive program will focus on the latest unique and exclusive program will focus on the latest trends about club operations and stadium management, finance, marketing, and communications, sporting and youth academies, governance and legal matters, as well as leadership and negotiation.”

“A world-class faculty of industry executives and professionals who are experts in their respective fields and sectors. In addition, the course will draw on the knowledge of leading international academics in sport and football management to round out a comprehensive curriculum, providing participants with a 360-degree view of club management.”

The first edition of the program will run from March 2021 to January 2022. The Diploma Directors are Ornella Desirée Bellia, FIFA Head of Professional Football, and Maheta Molango, Former CEO of Real Mallorca. The program will consist of a combination of online and on-site modules (subject to developments in the pandemic).

Out of the initial 400 plus applications across the world, four Africans were admitted for the inaugural course will be connected with 20 other football administrators from across the world.

The 24 administrators will be connected with world-class faculty of club executives, industry experts, leaders, and professionals. Providing them with first-hand insights and perspectives on the latest industry data, research, and trends. Interactive presentations, analyses, and discussions of practical case studies.

Out of the twenty-four, four are from Africa and only two of them have publicly announced their admission for the course and they are Ugandan Ivan Kakembo and Sydney Magagane who is the general manager of Township Rollers in Botswana.


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