Approximately 4.1 of the worlds population plays football professionally,  making it the world’s most popular sports. There are numerous more amateur and recreation players. The global interest and increased competitiveness of the sport has led to elite clubs scouting throughout the world for the best players with the potential to become the best.

Kudzai Chitima believes that good players are not created overnight, but instead natural talent and ability must be nurtured in order to enable players to fulfill their potential.

To ensure that talent is identified at a young age so that it can be properly nurtured to develop top players Chitima has successful completed the Professional Football Scouts Association PFSA Level 2 talent identification in football course.

Becoming the second and only local Zimbabwean to achieve such. It has not been an easy journey, the school fees etc but then in the end it’s all worth it. With Zimbabwe and African football still sceptical about the role and importance of scouting and performance analysis, we will continue fighting to break new grounds and trusting the process said Chitima.

Professional Football Scouts Association is a body in the United Kingdom which specializes on scouting. Former Sheffield United left winger Dean Whitehouse who is currently engaged with Manchester United as the Academy coach Dean Whitehouse, former Burnely academy boss Jason Blake and Steve Jones ex head of Opposition scouting for Millwall are the tutors at PFSA.



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