Match Day 3 #ZNWSL

Black Rhinos 4-0 Herentials
ZRP Queens 5-0 ZRP Harare
Auckland 0-0 Cyclone
Weeram 0-3 Faith Drive
A win for MSU after Borrow Jets arrived late for the game
Zvishavane Pirates failed to travel to Guruve and that a clear win for Conduit
Blue Swallows ,Harare City game postponed
Hearts of oak failed to travel to Play Correctional Queens in Harare

From arriving late to failing to travel and then game postponed we are not yet ready to have a professional women soccer league for now. Up until now clubs don’t even know the league budget how then are we able to promote transparency and good cooperate governance and accountability??

Some of the grounds the teams are playing in are not even good for the players did the executive even managed to inspect the games. And then another big issue the level of officiating in the women game is not up to scratch at all.

Auckland made it clear they want a top 4 finish gave coach condition out of the first 5 games he has to win 2 has already achieved that conditions and for now even thou its to early a top 4 is very much achievable.

Black Rhinos I was one of the people who bashed callers by Zimbabwean sportscasters when they said Felistas Muzongondi should retire the lady is scoring goals for Rhinos scored a brace whilst Chirandu Mavis and Lynette Mutokuto scored a goal each. That mean so far so good Muzongondi is the leading top goal scorer in the #ZNWSL with 10 goals from 3 games.

I see Hearts of Oak not playing the rest of the game in the #ZNWSL from 12-0,to 19-0 you can clearly tell that the team is now broken 30 goals in 2 games 😢😢

Match 4 will be very interesting the clash of the giants as the new comers play Black Rhino. Rose Mugadza has coached some of the Rhinos players in the national team and therefore he has got a lot of inform to bank on in this clash.

For Match Day 4 this is the game of the day a win for an of the two teams will determine who goes on top of the log oh they is the postponed Harare City vs Blue Swallows game that one is a clear win for Harare City.


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