Olympic athletes turn into the ultimate heroes and we praise them for their hard work, sacrifice and determination. The glamour shots on television, however, belie the underbelly of the life of an elite athlete. It’s grueling — and expensive.

For many Olympic athletes, paying for training and associated expenses related to participating in international competition, such as travel, is a challenge. Crowdfunding has now become an answer to their financial hardships.

Zimbabwean sprinter Ngoni Makusha who has set his eyes on qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games has opened a GoFundMe account. As part of his preparations to qualify for the Olympics. Makusha will need to travel South Africa for a training camp at High Performance Centre in Pretoria for at least three months.

Due to the recent covid-19 lockdown restrictions introduced in the country Makusha is not able to fully train. And at the HPC he will get access to world class training facility and food and nutrition expert. He will also have access to a IAAF CERTIFIED competition which will help him qualify for the Olympic games.

To help Makusha realize his childhood dream of representing Zimbabwe at the Olympic games kindly click on the link below



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