The Sports and Recreation Commission of Zimbabwe had previously grouped sports into low, medium, and high risk categories as guidance for the smooth resumption of sports during this time of the covid-19 pandemic.

On the 16th of March the SRC issued a notice informing the public on the decision of the Cabinet authorizing the resumption of sports codes previously designated as “medium and high risk”. Yesterday the SRC advised the public that they had granted 19 National Sports Association the green light to resume training and competitions. The 19 National Sports Association had complied with the requirements for the resumption of sports and sporting’s activities.

SRC also granted seven gyms that are registered with them approval for opening. The sporting disciplines will have to strictly comply with the government directive meant to stop thee spread of the COVID-19 in this country. SRC will be strict in their enforcement and inspectors will be dispatched to various sited to ensure compliance with the conditions and the law and those caught offside will face sanctions.

Sports association will need to strictly adhere to the key Standard Operating Procedure which include testing required within every 14 days of training and once competitive league resumes. Testing should be done for all players and officials, at least 48 hours, prior to competition while spectators are not allowed.

Zimbabwe Korfball Association

Basketball Union of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Volleyball Association

Zimbabwe Boxing Federation

Judo Association of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Squash Rackets Association

Zimbabwe Hockey Association

Zimbabwe Gymnastics Association

Zimbabwe National Karate Federation

Zimbabwe Football Association

Zimbabwe Netball Association

Zimbabwe Rugby Union

Zimbabwe Kickboxing Association

Zimbabwe Wushu Federation

National Darts Association of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Federation of Bodybuilding and fitness

Zimbabwe Handball Federation



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