The Sports and Recreation Commission has with immediate effect suspended all sporting activity in Zimbabwe.

This following an announcement made by the Minister of Health this evening to contain the spread and local transmission of covid-19. Risk of person to person transmission covid-19 is high when there is a large gathering of people at plsces such as sports facilities where maintaining physical distance can be a challenge.

The announcement by the SRC will largely affect the Warriors who will be taking part in the CHAN tournament later this month. Apart from the Warriors the Zimbabwe senior women’s cricket team is suppose to tour Namibia later in January.

Also the national hockey teams has been preparing for the Central-South Africa tournament which they will host in February. Sports codes such as swimming, angling,triathlon, horse racing, equestrian, cricket, motorsports and athletes were happening behind closed doors.

Sports and Recreation Commission thanked all sports organization that took the covid-19 measures seriously and have complied with restrictions.


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