Zimbabwe Ladies indoor hockey team played their last game in the Spar Indoor Hockey Test Series today. A total of nine game comprised seven test matches five against Spar South Africa two against Botswana and two exhibition games with an emerging South African side were play by our Ladies.

Winning 3/9 games two against Botswana and one against Emerging South Africa side. The indoor hockey series kicked off on 28 May with Zimbabwe playing Spar South Africa a game that we lost 7-0 which saw South African Cindy Hack scoring three goals.

Botswana were our second opponents in the second and we thumbed them 17-0 in what was the country first ever recognized indoor hockey test match. Third game was against Spar South Africa who went on to beat us 12-1 with South African Tegan Fourie scoring 5 goal. Roxanne Viviers scored Zimbabwe only goal in the game.

We lost our first game against South Africa emerging 2-4 a game that we looked like winning but our fitness late us down failing to convert some many chances. That same evening we played Spar South Africa and this time around it was neck to neck as Zimbabwe showed South Africa that they weren’t in SA just to be beaten but to also prove a point that there also a competitive team.

Half team it ended Zimbabwe 2-3 South Africa. Host nation came into the last chukka and only managed to score 3 more with Zimbabwe managing 1 and the game ended 6-3 to South Africa. Young Natalie Terblanche shined in this game giving some much credit and respect to Michelle Williams whom she describes as a sister and team motivate.

The game of the series for me was the Friday game against Emerging South Africa. With five minutes to go to full time Zimbabwe were trailing 2-0 and in a space of five minutes we managed to score 4 goals SA managing win and we won 4-3. Overly Zimbabwe ladies hockey team won 3/9 games failed to win against South Africa but with a whole lot of positives to take home.

Back home the Zimbabwe ladies indoors hockey team train on tennis court and indoor hockey is still developing therefore the writer saw it fit to use the headline ” They showed us the true Zimbabwean fighting spirit throughout the Spar PSI Indoor Hockey Series.” just by looking at the results you can appreciate the fact that the ladies did their best.

Game 1 South Africa 7-0 Zimbabwe

Game 2 Zimbabwe 17-0 Botswana

Game 3 South Africa 12-1 Zimbabwe

Game 4 South Africa 14-1 Zimbabwe

Game 5 SA emerging 4-2 Zimbabwe

Game 6 South Africa 6-3 Zimbabwe

Game 7 South Africa 3-4 Zimbabwe

Game 8 Zimbabwe 15-0 Botswana

Game 9 Zimbabwe 0-7 South Africa


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