Three companies have agreed to sponsor Zimbabwe Olympic long-distance hopeful Fortunate Chidzivo after they were impressed by her determination, dedication, and zeal.

Last year Chidzivo one of the leading female long-distance runners in the country set a new national record of one hour 10 minutes, 50 seconds finishing on position 27 at the World Athletics Half Marathon Championship in Gdynia, Poland.

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This particular event was Chidzivo key towards her build-up for the qualifying events of the Olympic Games.

Three companies namely Damara Bio Agri, Ukhozi transport, and Brownes Engineering have raised money to assist Fortunate in her preparation to qualify for the Olympic games.

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Speaking to our publication Tegan from Damara Bio Agri told us that they were completely overwhelmed by Chidzivo determination and persistence.

“She is a phenomenal woman and we believe she deserved to be given every opportunity to get her to the Olympics. Both our directors, David and Rob are avid runners. They share the same coach as Fortunate, which is how they came to meet her.”

Her talent is very clear and quite rare to find and we wanted to support a Zimbabwean with the ability to make it to the Olympics. We are all proudly Zimbabwean and we want to back her to the Olympics and after she ended.

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Damara Bio-Agri is an innovative fertilizer company based in Harare and its core focus is on regenerative farming through the sustainable and efficient use of agricultural inputs that increase quality and yields.


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