To be an African woman trying to administrate a sport like badminton is not something that has been supported so you want to pursue those dreams when the opportunity arises.

It is so amazing to see African women administrating the sport of badminton. During the 82nd Badminton World Federation, virtual AGM held last month a new BWF Council Members were elected. Twenty vacant positions were available at the Badminton World Federation Council.

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As per new, new Badminton World Federation Gender and regional balance two of the twenty vacant positions were reserved for African candidates. Four African contested for the two posts namely Mrs. Odette Engoulou, Mr. Francis Orbih, Chipo Zumburani, and Kay Kamatuwa.

Madam Odette Engoulou who is the President of Cameroon Badminton Federation received 221 votes compared to that of his rival Francis Orbih who is the President of Badminton Federation of Nigeria who had 90 votes. President of Zimbabwe Badminton Federation Chipo Zumburani garnered 218 votes compared to that of former Zambia Badminton President Kay Kamatuwa 30 votes.

Mrs. Chipo Zumburani and Mrs. Odette Engoulou were thus elected to represent Africa at the BWF Council joining Mr. Michel Bay the BCA President and BWF Vice-President for Africa.

Both Zumburani and Engoulou have contributed immensely to the growth and development of badminton in Africa. Engoulou is fully conversant with corporate governance having contributed immensely to the Legal and Ethics Committee of the Badminton Confederation of Africa since 2017 as the President.

Whilst Zumburani is credited for the Resuscitation of the sport of badminton in Zimbabwe and restructuring Badminton Confederation Africa’s financial systems and putting in place the necessary policies that have brought financial sanity to the organization.


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