Yesterday, ZIFA hosted a farewell party for women football administrator Theresa Maguraushe.

Maguraushe is a founding member of the National Women’s Soccer body formed in 2006. Immediately after the formation of the body Maguraushe took up the position of National Administrator.

Under her leadership, Zimbabwe women’s football structures heightened and now include an elite league and four regional leagues.

With each regional league winner earning promotion to the elite league, which has 16 teams. The veteran women’s football administrator is also the founding member of the famous Mufakose Queens.

Was Maguraushe either forced to resign or fired

According to ZIFA, Maguraushe retired but sources close to Zimbabwe women’s indicates a different story. Speaking on condition of anonymity a member of ZWL told us that Chikosi wanted Maguraushe out.

” The future of women’s football in this country is under a threat. Our leaders have failed to honor our female footballers. Women’s football received the lion share from FIFA covid-19 funding, but these funds have benefited our administrators more than players. Now look she Chikosi has amended the constitution and included 16 teams instead of 12 teams. Being a seasoned administrator Maguraushe advised Chikosi a 16 team league was unconstitutional. Chikosi felt challenged and wanted Maguraushe out. They even accuse her of leaking the proposed ZWSL fixtures but the proposal was leaked one of the clubs that they promoted to the elite league.”

Contracted to comment last week Chikosi didn’t deny that the current documents that were going rounds were from her office. The music promoter cum women football administrators refused to respond to a question relating to the additional four teams that were added to the elite league.

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Mocking women’s football 

Weerams, Cyclones, Black Mambas, and Conduit which is owned by an official from ZIFA are the four clubs Chikosi promoted into the elite league. On Wagadhu and Nyamauru hosting some of the league games another chairperson equated it as an insult to women football.

“Our clueless leadership are mocking women’s football. MSU and Yadah grounds aren’t that awful, but Wagadhugu and Nyamauru are pathetic. We have demanded an EGM but she is adamant about it. What they don’t understand is that clubs are prepared to boycott the league. Another issue is how they group teams no official draw was conducted.”

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Contracted for a comment yesterday Chikosi didn’t pick up our call. Meanwhile Chikosi yesterday send a notice to clubs calling for an Emergency Meeting scheduled for the 17th of April.


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