Mediterranean Karate Alliance in partnership with Malta Tourism Authority, IKKAIDO Federation and Intercompany Malta organized the Virtual International Kata Q Challenge Championship.

312 participants from 26 countries battled for honors in the online Karate International Championship for belts below black belts known as Kyu grades.. Zimbabwe had 13 and for the first time they had close to an equal represention of both male, female and kids .

Aaron Kanozema, Blessed Kanda, Takudzwa Ngirazi and the ever promising Vincent Fambira won gold medals in their representative categories.

Wilfred Junior Mashaya, Seamus Basikoro, Tatenda Mapigoti, Fredson Mhondiwa and Mitchell Rudanda  settled for silver medals..Prince Chabanga, Mitchell Rudanda and Brian Shepeni also won silver medal in the team open category.

Prince Chabanga won bronze in the male 21 to 35 category and later went on to pair Vincent Fambira and won another bronze in the pair category.

Overall scooping 12 medals comprising 4 Gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze.   Sensi Wilfred Mashaya who happen to be a black belt holder didn’t compete because he was concentrating on training and coaching the athletes for the competition.

Team Results

Gold medals

Aaron kanozema – Kids 7yrs to 8yrs Category A

Blessed kanda – Kids 11yrs to 12yrs

Takudzwa Ngirazi – Male 18yrs to 20yrs

Vincent K. Fambira – Male – 21yrs to 35yrs

Silver medals

Wilfred Junior Mashaya – Kids under 6 years

Seamus Basikoro – Kids 9yrs to 10yrs

Tatenda Mapigoti – Male 21yrs to 35yrs

Fredson Mhondiwa – Male 18 to 20yrs

Mitchell Machingura Rudanda – Female 21yrs to 35yrs

Team of (Prince Chabanga Mitchell Machingura Rudanda and Brian Shepeni) open Category

Bronze medals

Prince Chabanga – Male 21 to 35

Pair of (Prince Chabanga and Vincent Fambira)

Position 4

Brian Shepeni – Male 21yrs to 35yrs

Danai Guyo – Female 21yrs to 35yrs

Pair of (Blessed Kanda and Wilfred Junior Mashaya)

Position 5

Ephraim Murwisi – Male 21yrs to 35yrs


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