Zimbabwe Karate Union could be expulsed by the World Karate Federation because their constitution doesn’t sync with that of the World Karate Federation Statues.

Since March 2020 the World Karate Federation has written to ZKU advising them that their constitution should explicitly state that their members should be subordinate to the World Karate Federation and that they should comply with the safety rules and standards of the World Karate Federation rules and regulations.

This leading the ZKU Executive Committee to scrutinize the 2018 WKF Statues and they found out they were not compliant with several articles due to the association of Full Contract and WKF members. A legal opinion was sought, and the opinion advised ZKU that they risked getting expelled from WKF due to numerous instances of non- compliance.

Consultations were made amongst ZKU members, and Full contract members and unequivocally indicated that they were not affected by the decision of WKF and so they refused to entertain the idea of amending their constitution.

In order to protect their interests the WKF affiliates of the Zimbabwe Karate Union applied to register the Zimbabwe National Karate Federation, whose statues are compliant to the statue of the World Karate Federation and that excluded Full Contract.

Zimbabwe National Karate Federation was duly registered by Sports and Recreation Commission in August. In October members of the Zimbabwe National Karate Federation formally withdrew their membership to Zimbabwe Karate Union.

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Giving rise to two distinct association the newly formed Zimbabwe National Karate Federation, which has World Karate Federation members who participate at UFAK Region South Games, African Games, WKF World events and Olympic games whilst Zimbabwe Karate Union practice only Full Contract.

The two even shared a drafted Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate a harmonious and smooth split. A gesture that Zimbabwe Karate Union decided to ignore.

Last month the World Karate Federation wrote to Zimbabwe Karate Union interim President, Steve Charandura advising him that their constitution remain non compliant with the statues of the World Karate Federation. In that communication, Zimbabwe Karate Union were given three options

A. To amend their constitution and align it with the World Karate Federation constitution

B. To request for the termination of their membership with World Karate Federation

C. Face expulsion from the World Karate Federation




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